Aribelle Consulting

Education Consulting

An expert in the field of behavioral intervention, student conduct, and Title IX, Aribelle Consulting can provide training and education to your team using best practices learned in 15 years of higher education experience.

Policy & Procedure Development

Need a policy reviewed for accuracy? Need a second opinion on a workflow for a procedure? Aribelle Consulting has you covered! With years of policy development experience and research in Human Resources, ADA, Title IX, and Titles VI & VII compliance, we can provide guidance in your policy and procedural development needs.

Professional Services

Curating that top notch cover letter and resume are key to landing that career path you have always had your eye on. Let us help curate your application materials or spruce up any presentation to give it that next level hiring managers are looking for.

S. Nicole Ferguson, Ph.D. (she/her)

Dr. Ferguson created Aribelle Consulting after seeing a need for a practical professional in the field of higher education consulting and professional services. There are a number of consultants you can hire and receive any number of services for top-notch rates. Dr. Ferguson offers a one-on-one experience with an expert in the field at a rate your department can afford. We aren't hosting conferences or selling you books, we offer individualized assessment and consultation on matters when they matter most.

Dr. Ferguson has served in the field of higher education since 2011 and continues to serve as an expert in the field. Dr. Ferguson has created a BIT at a large R1 campus serving as their first case manager, served as a director of student conduct, a Title IX coordinator, and as an ADA/HR professional in higher education. 

Dr. Ferguson has presented at a number of annual conferences and completed publications in world renowned higher education journals. For a copy of Dr. Ferguson's CV and more information on her leadership, consultation, and classroom teaching experience, please inquire.

For inquiries on rates, scheduling, or other resources from Aribelle Consulting, contact Nicole at Rates will vary, but begin as low as $20 per resume review or $1,000 for on campus training. Samples of training and services provided upon request.